We are first and foremost a family. 

We are passionate about our children's educational experience.

We live to explore the natural areas.

We strive to be mindful and present.

We cherish Mother Nature and all of her beauty. 

We invite you to follow along on our journey.


I am a wife and mother. And while those two identities bring me the most joy in my life; I am an infinite human being with passions beyond marriage and motherhood. 

I am passionate about running, skiing, yoga, minimalism and plant-based living. I am an advocate for sustainable practices and outdoor education for children, protector of outdoor spaces and social justice. I love nothing more than breathing fresh mountain air and adventuring with my family. I believe every person deserves the chance to do the same. 

Zach and I opened an outdoor preschool in 2017 in Gunnison, Colorado. In 2020, we decided to switch gears and become writers. This is the beginning of a new journey; please come along.


I made a very conscious decision to join my wife in education, while becoming a full-time dad, 3 years ago and since then I have not looked back.  Educating children is an awe-inspiring experience, because it allows me to re-learn and to re-think about everything I thought I knew.  

Simply stepping outside into the open air unveils a world full of endless possibilities for them (and us) to grow.  I believe in the practice of mindful meditation; I believe in eating plants; I believe in natural learning; I believe a smile can turn somebody’s day around and I believe in the importance of empowering our future generations to have a voice and to use that voice for progress.

I have been an avid trail-runner for 10 years and a professional musician for nearly 20 years.  These passions, over time, have allowed me to understand how the rhythm of our heartbeats and the flow of our personal systems connect us with all things in nature and with one another.  Having your head in the clouds is okay, especially if you’re standing at the top of a mountain.