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Blood Thirst and the Demise of American Morality

Today our local community garden self-righteously posted a photo of a line of chickens, flipped upside down and being bled out. Regardless of whether or not one chooses to consume meat, the assumption that everybody wants to see this and CAN see this is a grotesque error that cannot be taken back (they did not take it back, but rather happily straddled both lines, needing everyone’s money and all).

What’s worse is that this photo was not only accompanied by a second photo of the chickens, pre-slaughter: a really cute little dead vs. alive motif (now you see me, now my head’s chopped off, ta dahh!), they further went on to champion themselves for being aware of and educating others on where their food comes from; and even worse, that it is crucial to their organization that all of their staff members understand how to be friends with an animal before they execute it. They were even further kind enough to explain to us that many of these employees and volunteers are actually vegetarians and even vegans.

Imagine that, a person who eats vegetables working at a garden; they should be so proud (while your at it, pat yourselves on the back for not kicking a puppy today). And also try to imagine why the fuck these people decided to stop eating animals in the first place. This is just a hunch, but maybe they did not quite possess aspirations of beheading them, holding up the flailing body and announcing to their fellow constituents “see, that’s better”. Though I can’t speak for these folks anymore than the chickens can speak for themselves.

A woman breastfeeding her newborn, an African tribe in the nude, a post on intimacy are all taboo and will not be tolerated. These things apparently make the general public uncomfortable, but the assumption that we all want to see your kill from over the weekend, or that new gun you just purchased and what you might do with it, or those chickens bleeding out has become the new pornography. From headlines to hunting posts, even if some oppose it, we are obsessed with violence in this country, while we condemn ideas of love, solidarity and nature, keeping that nonsense in the shadows where it belongs.

Back to this community garden charade, we have one question: Since nobody who consumes factory farm meat is allowed to see how it is done, what gives you the right to step in and say “we’ll show ‘em how we do it”…education? Because I believe that if you have the audacity to reveal this utterly disgusting and disgraceful act to your public audience, then you are wholeheartedly obliged to give them a taste of what they’re not allowed to see, the other way it’s done. After all, you do want to teach them and you are being completely honest about where all food comes from, yes? My apologies, that was two questions.

This will never happen within this particular organization for the aforementioned reason of fundraising and pleasing everyone who has a deep pocket. But eventually, it may become difficult to have your cake and eat it too, what with all that once-living charred flesh crammed into your gullet. But it’s okay, they assure us, because these adorable little fuzzy wuzzy’s were raised in a field and were once, very briefly, happy. They were loved like their own children and given the most humane, gentle bloodbath possible. This is some messed up logic that a lot of people will try to spill on us when they cross that threshold into butchering their own food, when they get that murder-boner.

It reminds me of those horror movies, where the psychopathic serial killer boyfriend is slowly guiding his knife into his victim girlfriend, whispering “shh, shh, everything is alright”. Well, from where you’re standing things might look peachy, but I believe the victims in this case (i.e.- the cheerleader and the chickens) would have other thoughts on this matter; I don’t know, something like, “um, no it’s not fucking alright, I trusted you and now you’re ending my life”. I don’t know, something like that, but I guess it doesn’t really matter because both the bimbo and the chickens are stupid and dead? Eh, things tend to get a little foggy with all the murder and bloodshed.

At a certain point, we began to realize that just because an animal was raised on a farm and had a brief, but good life, this was no reason to feel good about eating it. Sure we may have read about factory farming conditions and GMO’s and the fact that we could feed the entire world twice over with the amount of food we provide our livestock; it’s rather curious that we’re trying to figure out how to solve a hunger crisis while having no problem figuring out how to feed a hundred million animals for slaughter.

As for the people killing their own food, the pride they take in this practice is more twisted than the act itself. For instance, many hunters like to preach on about how thinning of certain populations is necessary, that there are simply too many of them, as if the elk have formed an army and were coming after us people. Well perhaps they’re looking around at their own herd’s death toll, caused by humans, and are cranking out more babies for an intuitive fear of extinction. But if you’re going through all the trouble of setting up camp, making juvenile tree houses and playing tough little army guy, I doubt you’re into whether or not the animals have intuition…or feelings of any kind.

This comfortability with violence is precisely why we have no qualms with these cruel practices, no matter who is conducting them or why they claim to be doing so. Never mind the lack of concern for our overall health, the warm bath of brutality has us just the right amount of numb to give even less of a crap. This all comes full circle back to the murder-boner, for the amount of sexual tension and repression taking place is, some pun intended here, the elephant in the room. The correlation between violence and sexuality (or disdain for), is glaringly obvious, to the point where we assume most are getting off more from anger than from affection. Are none of these people getting laid? Or like the psychopathic boyfriend, is it to the point where they need to see blood and suffering in order to feel something?

Sadly, violence and conflict are what seem to drive the American ship now. We had previously noticed a lot of unhealthy aggression among some of our students and sibling play among them looked more like the movie Gangs of New York: “I stabbed you, you’re dead.” “Not uh, I shot you, you’re dead!” “I chopped your head off, chop!” (note: this dialogue is verbatim as to how these and many other children, um, play). The parents of these particular children seemed to exhibit the greatest amount of apathy and disinterest in education, not only their child’s, but their own. And in their lunch boxes every single day, a slab of meat…and maybe some goldfish.

The attitudes regarding our food sources are just that: attitudes; and we all have them. Unfortunately, the meat and dairy industries have made it nearly impossible for the ‘Average Joe’ to even consider an alternative dietary option. It is literally their job to make sure you understand just how vital these products are to your health, to the point where most other forms of nutrition should be considered inferior. I would have that attitude too if I was using most of my land just to feed these poor creatures.

The truth is, the healthiest diet one can ascertain consists of vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, leafy greens and all other things that are grown. On the spectrum of nutrition, consider meat to be the equivalent of soda. The facts and science regarding this are all right there in front of us and, like climate change or police brutality, we can either choose to ignore them or accept them and implement changes on a global scale. Let us cease from behaving as if we have no choice, as if these entities actually support our health, and as if the supermarket didn’t provide a produce section.

“Some of you might find this offensive” is what our local community garden/food project/slaughter-farm commented regarding their little snuff post and I will repeat the same regarding this post. But if you’re more offended by our position on animal consumption than you are of pictures of decapitated heads and blood and guts, then you should probably fly on. We want to shake our heads and say, we just don’t get it…but the problem is, we do get it and it has become impossible to be silent and complicit in this nightmare that’s been created. We are all players in this drama, but it seems that most of us have either forgotten our lines or have simply checked out and signed up for the rugby team; hell, why not the rifle team while we’re at it?

We, as Outliers, refuse the position of “don’t want to rustle any feathers”, quite the contrary; besides, the rustling of feathers commenced with the thoughtless, public documentation of how to slaughter an innocent bird. We just want to set the record straight on what this blatant disregard for life represents and what it is doing to our culture. We don’t care that you gave it a name and let it roam and petted it before you sliced it’s throat, like a psychopathic lover. We’re more concerned with your perpetual thirst for blood.

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