• Jessica

Letting Go on the Path to Bliss

Zach and I did not wake up as minimalists. I would even argue that we are still aspiring to become a minimalist family. We own very few items, however, the items we do have are truly meaningful to us. My running shoes for instance: I do not need them to run but they make running safer, more enjoyable and more comfortable. With that said, they are material possessions and if I lost them tomorrow, I would get by just fine, for my true loves are not objects and possessions, they are the living beings closest to me.

Because we have so few material possessions, we share more quality experiences with each other and with our children, we are more aware of our need for self-care and we have more time to pursue our individual passions. Minimalism has cleared our path and steered us in the direction of clarity and freedom. I am free because I can let go. I am free to think, to act, to be. For me, minimalism is the gateway to my true self.

Sometimes we have so much clutter surrounding us that we lose touch with who we are, who we want to be and what we are becoming. Clutter can be in the form of material possessions, toxic relationships, substance abuse, status quo, mental fog or digital addictions. All of those ‘things’ carry a certain weight with them and require maintenance and time; and they are picked up as an attempt to fill a void. Ironically, most people who feel they need more could use a great deal less. The amount of self-discovery and growth that can occur with ample room in one’s life is astonishing. It is not easy. It is not always fun. But for me and potentially so many others, it is a path to a much more meaningful existence.

Minimalism is more than letting go. In giving myself the opportunity to breathe and open up my world, I discovered my love for trail running, skiing, a plant-based diet, yoga, meditation, camping, teaching my own children, a deeper connection with my husband, photography, reading and writing. This list includes many activities that I’ve always enjoyed, but it was not until I released years of baggage that I had space for truly indulging in my passions and jumping all in. Albeit, I am constantly changing and this list may change too. That is the joy and the beauty of minimalism: letting go to make room for something better.

Your path will look and feel different than others’; but the act of letting go is congruent in all of our experiences, if our intention is to grow. It will not happen overnight and it is not a one-time fix. Bliss will often slowly present itself and in stages or steps. But when letting go is part of your day-to-day, you’ll find more opportunities in your life for exploration and growth. As humans, we have a responsibility to teach our children to make appropriate choices as they build their own personal path towards enlightenment and a sustainable future. Providing our children with less clutter will help them understand that letting go will allow them more freedom, more quality experiences and more happiness.